Much of our work helps the food chain survive (ensuring that the crops etc that feed animals or people are able to grow well), so if permitted by MPI we will try to keep providing these services only.

However, we will need to enforce very strict measures in order to do this, and there will definitely be changes in the way we do things. We would rather do more than necessary, than be a transmission vector!

That means anyone engaging with us must comply with all of our requirements, and realise that these may change as the situation changes.

These include:
1: Do not come near our work site without an invitation: If you think you need to come into our work space, please call ahead and let us know beforehand. If it is not absolutely necessary for you to be in our workplace, we will ask you to work with us to find an alternative option. If it is necessary, we will inform you of the steps that must be taken. You must do those things.

2: Email or text a photo or scan of any job and hazard maps if possible: If you only have printed information, and do not have the ability to take a photo and send it to us, put it into a clear plastic sleeve that can be wiped down or pin it onto a board so that we can take a photo of it ourselves.

3: Understand that everything may take longer than usual: Our staff will have to be a lot more careful around each other than usual, and also clean off machines and tools multiple times a day. We will have to wait longer for anything that we would normally just ‘pop to the shop’ to get if we run out, and our staff will have to confirm on a daily basis that they have not had close contact with anyone new.

All of these things will have an affect on our ability to work as efficiently as we normally would.

4: Please help our staff to help you: They will be doing their absolute best to help you during this time, but we realise that sometimes that might not seem good enough from where you are. Please understand that we are all in this together.

If we have been working with any of your people in the past couple of weeks, and they have since been diagnosed with Covid-19, please let us know.

Roger, Kirsty and the team at Booth Ag 2008 Ltd.