Kirsty & Roger Preston brought HeliOps Southland Ltd to Southland in 2010, to partner their existing ground-based agricultural spraying company Booth Ag (2008) Ltd.

HeliOps are the only dedicated agricultural helicopter company in Southland. Our pilots’ safety records and consistency of care, mean that you can feel confident that we consider all factors when providing a service to you. This includes your own safety requirements and on-farm needs as well. For our Health & Safety Statement, scroll down.

If your farm needs a Helicopter to help it be the best it can be, then give us a call!

Safety Policy

HeliOps is a Part 137 certified Agricultural Aerial Services Provider, with a staff of 10, who work across   the Southland region. Safety at HeliOps means incorporating Safe Aviation Practice in all areas, and knowing that safety is the responsibility of everyone. 

Our overall safety goal is to provide helicopter operations of outstanding workmanship & excellent service, using industry best practice and focus on high safety standards.

We are committed to:

  • Operating a Safety Management System and Hazard identification and risk management process which includes a hazard reporting system that will eliminate or mitigate the safety risks.
  • Safety at HeliOps is high priority and will communicate with staff on safety concerns at Staff meetings which will be held on a regular basis.
  •  Ensure that all management and staff follow the principles of Just Culture, promote safe practices, and encourage safety reporting.
  • Safety Leadership and Just Culture
  • Clearly define for all staff their Responsibilities and Accountabilities for the development and maintenance of safety behaviours and attitudes
  • Continually improve our safety performance.
  • Resourcing for safety management to ensure it is effective.
  • Provide personnel access to the CEO and senior management regarding safety concerns or training.
  • Ongoing compliance with the Act and rules governing our Part 137 Agricultural Aircraft Operator Certificate, and compliance with CAR Part 100.
  • Employees at HeliOps are responsible for knowledge of the Civil Aviation Act and Rules relevant to their job and for performing their duties in a safe manner. HeliOps will provide employees with access to these documents and provide training where necessary to undertake their role.
  • All personnel who contribute to any activity covered by this exposition shall comply with their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • To ensure that all staff, clients, and other persons affected by our operations at HeliOps are safe
  • Ensure that all staff are provided with adequate and appropriate aviation safety information, resources, and training. Are competent in safety matters and are only allocated tasks that commensurate with their skills.